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Proper Fitting & Use of Grazing Muzzles

Limiting pasture intake is recommended for obese horses and ponies and those at risk for laminitis.  This can be difficult to do if horses have access to pasture full-time or when, for example, stabling is not an option.  Grazing muzzles are a valuable tool to limit pasture intake in horses and ponies and, when properly used, can help to limit pasture intake in those that are obese or prone to obesity with access to pasture.

Here are some recommendations for proper fitting and use of grazing muzzles.


Proper Fitting and Use of Grazing Muzzles

Different Hay Soaking Techniques for Laminitis-Prone Horses

Pasture-associated laminitis has been linked to the over-consumption of water soluble carbohydrates (WSC) such as fructans, glucose, fructose and sucrose in horses and ponies. For those animals prone to laminitis, soaking hay prior to feeding helps to reduce the WSC content. An upper limit of 100 grams of WSC per kilogram of forage dry matter has been advised, but are common practices used today adequate to reduce WSC in hay?

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Soaking Hay Research