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How Effective Are Grazing Muzzles in Reducing Pasture Intake?

April 1, 2016

Tags: buckeye nutrition, grazing muzzle, ponies, horses, horse feed,

Limiting pasture intake is recommended for obese horses and ponies, especially those at risk for laminitis.  This can be difficult to do if horses have access to pasture full-time or when, for example, stabling is not an option.  Using grazing muzzles has been recommended but how much of an effect do grazing muzzles really have on reducing pasture intake in horses?

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BUCKEYE® Nutrition Announces Partnership with Lauren Kieffer Equestrian

March 9, 2016

Tags: buckeye nutrition, lauren kieffer, horse, feed, eventing,

BUCKEYE® Nutrition is proud to announce its professional partnership with Lauren Kieffer Equestrian.  Through this partnership, Lauren will work with BUCKEYE® Nutrition to promote best feeding practices in competition, at clinics, and over social media.

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2016 WALTHAM®-BUCKEYE® Nutrition Equine Grant

February 25, 2016

Tags: Feed, horse, buckeye nutrition, research, grant, WALTHAM,

BUCKEYE® Nutrition and WALTHAM®, a leading scientific authority on the nutrition and health of companion animals, are together offering the WALTHAM®-BUCKEYE® Nutrition Equine Research Grant, up to a total of $20,000 per annum –which may be awarded to one project or split between several.

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Foal Nutritional Solutions

February 24, 2016

Tags: nutrition, breeding, foal, mare, horse, feed,

It's that time of year again when cute fuzzy little foals start appearing everywhere!  You want them to grow up to be strong and healthy.  We can help them reach their potential.

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Does Breed Affect Insulin Dynamics?

February 12, 2016

Tags: Nutrition, horse, buckeye nutrition, ponies, insulin,

Being obese and/or having abnormal insulin responses (insulin dysregulation or ID) is thought to increase the risk of laminitis.  Obesity is often associated with ID in certain breeds, but are there breed differences in insulin responses regardless of body condition? In this study, researchers at the University of Melbourne, Australia investigated whether breed contributes to ID in non-obese horses.

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BUCKEYE® Nutrition Announces Partnership with Belinda Trussell Dressage

January 15, 2016

Tags: belinda trussell, horse, dressage, canada,

BUCKEYE® Nutrition is proud to announce its professional partnership with Belinda Trussell Dressage.  Through this partnership, Belinda Trussell will work with BUCKEYE® Nutrition to promote best feeding practices through competition, at clinics, and over social media channels.

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The Ultimate Combination

November 23, 2015

Tags: horse, nutrition, ultimate finish, gro n win,

GRO 'N WIN® and ULTIMATE FINISH®:  The Ultimate Combination for a balanced diet. Let's face it-feeding time can be complicated and costly when feeding several different types of horses.  But it doesn't have to be.  With GRO 'N WIN® and ULTIMATE FINISH®, you can rest assure that all of your horses are receiving the nutrients they need when paired with good quality forage.  Whether it be a young, growing horse, broodmare or performance horse, this pair will work for almost all ages and stages.

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A New Way to Assess Body Fat: The Body Condition Index

November 4, 2015

Tags: Feed, Nutrition, horse,

Obesity is widespread in the equine population, especially in horses & ponies used for pleasure or leisure, and can be associated with adverse metabolic conditions.

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Muscle Matters: The Right Protein for Weanlings

September 9, 2015

Tags: Feed, Nutrition,

Protein, made up of individual amino acids, is essential for muscle, ligament and tissue development and maintenance, especially in young, growing horses. Limiting certain amino acids such as lysine will inhibit this process, but what other amino acids may be limiting in the growing horse? Researchers at the University of Kentucky set out to answer this question.

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