Our Story



Your horse enriches your life. And, we’re here to enrich your horse’s. In fact, BUCKEYE Nutrition has built our entire business on the desire to empower horses and horse owners to share in fulfilling relationships. We’re passionate about unlocking horses’ full potential and allowing them to live the longest, healthiest and happiest lives possible. Every BUCKEYE Nutrition product is formulated with 100% traceable ingredients from field to feed bucket, and produced in our state-of-the-art, medication-free facility. That’s a promise you – and your horse – can trust.

Our mission.

Our mission is simple. We provide the highest-quality, safest feed available and best-in-class equine nutritional solutions.

Client Testimonial

"After one week on EQ8 my horse began gaining the weight he needed. He switched from ear pinning as his go-to response to perking up and resting his muzzle on my hip. Competition wise, we went from not even being able to complete a novice course without me getting dumped to moving up to training level. I swear by EQ8 and am so thankful that I found that last piece of my horse's maintenance. It allows him to feel and perform at his best. A big thanks to BUCKEYE!" – Lillie, KS

Our history.

BUCKEYE Nutrition has been in business for more than 100 years. We trace our beginning to 1910 when the Pocock Family of Massillon, Ohio, opened The Buckeye Cereal Company. Even back then, quality was at the center of our story. In September 2005, another family-owned company, Mars, Incorporated, purchased BUCKEYE Nutrition and shifted the company's focus to premium equine nutrition. What does this mean for BUCKEYE Nutrition? It means an ongoing commitment to high-quality, consistent feeds produced by a family-owned, single plant rooted in tradition.

Today, BUCKEYE Nutrition utilizes a scientific approach to develop flagship products like GRO ‘N WIN, Cadence and Ultimate Finish, as well as innovative, solution-based feeds like EQ8 Gut Health. With BUCKEYE Nutrition, you’re guaranteed to find the right feed to help your horse excel.

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