Formulation Consistency

Promote horse health with fixed formulations.

Horses are strong, powerful animals, but their digestive systems require delicately regulated nutrition. Even small changes to your horse’s diet can cause gut, colic, ulcer or other issues. At BUCKEYE Nutrition, we care more about your horse than our own profit margin. A company born out of love rather than profit, we never compromise the integrity of our ingredients to make a buck. While many other brands change their ingredients based on grain prices, BUCKEYE Nutrition ingredients remain fixed for the consistency your horse needs and the quality you trust.

We ensure bag-to-bag consistency.

With any BUCKEYE® Nutrition formulation, you know exactly what you’re getting – each ingredient is printed right on the bag. And, with fixed formulation, that list never changes. Whether it’s January or July, whether you’re in New York or Florida, you can be confident your horse is eating the same blend of premium ingredients you know and trust.

A single plant means consistent quality control.

BUCKEYE Nutrition manufactures all of our formulations from one family-owned location with LRQA and Safe Feed/Safe Food certifications.

This gives us total control over our rigid inbound testing procedures, including mycotoxin testing prior to unload. You see, when you truly love what you do and respect the animals for which you do it, you simply can’t allow for anything other than the very best. Which is why all our feed is made from 100% whole, fresh, traceable ingredients, delivered daily and tested for safety and quality before they’re even allowed into our facility.    

Horse lovers and equine enthusiasts continue to read in the press about concerns over cross-contamination issues that could seriously a­ffect their horses. Whether it is antibiotics and ionophores, or other medicines that could simply test positive in performance investigations, BUCKEYE Nutrition is a 100% medication-free, single facility in Dalton, Ohio.

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