Nutritional Expertise

Rely on our proven expertise.

Backed by industry-leading research, BUCKEYE™ Nutrition combines science, innovation and a genuine passion for horses. The result? Optimized, solution-based feeds developed by individuals who know horses inside and out. Our in-house equine nutritionists are Professional Animal Scientists with PhDs and other advanced degrees and a wealth of equine-specific experience. In addition to new product development, they are responsible for:

  • Product innovation
  • Research
  • Customer care
  • Technical support
  • Nutrition consultation
  • Formulations and formulation consistency
  • Packaging claims and support

Discover the right feed for your horse.

Our equine nutritionists take pride in developing formulations that tailor to the diverse requirements of different breeds and horse types. For instance, BioFUZE™ technology ensures evenly distributed live probiotics. Our popular GRO ‘N WIN™ products offer a scientifically formulated ration balancer to your horse’s forage. Whether it’s our university-proven PERFORM ‘N WIN® that prolongs performance in your equine athlete, or the innovative EQ8™ Gut Health that supports digestion, our products provide targeted solutions for unique needs.

Have a specific question? Ask one of our equine nutritionists.