Science Behind Our Brand

Discover science-based equine nutrition.   

Our equine nutritionists provide science-based solutions that guide our formulations, as well as our brand promise to deliver the highest-quality, safest feeds available. This meticulous scientific approach empowers us to create solution-focused feeds that tailor to the unique needs of different horse breeds and types.

We partner with the industry’s top research center.

BUCKEYE Nutrition has a long-standing partnership with the WALTHAM® Centre for Pet Nutrition. Widely known for its scientific caliber and technical expertise, the U.K.-based research firm provides the world-class science behind the BUCKEYE Nutrition name. Pioneering some of the most important breakthroughs in pet nutrition, the WALTHAM team has shared its research with more than 1,500 publications, and regularly communicates with scientific and pet-care communities worldwide. Together, we have set the bar for nutritional innovation and wellbeing.

Investing in technology is investing in quality.

Not many U.S. feed-mill facilities can boast that they have multiple technologies under one roof. However, BUCKEYE Nutrition knows that cutting-edge technology is a key component of producing best-in-class equine nutrition solutions. Our single plant houses a diverse range of equipment, enabling:

  • Pelleted feeds
  • Texturized feeds
  • Extrusion pellets
  • Fat application
  • BioFUZE™ technology (live probiotics)

Browse our scientifically formulated, solution-based feeds.