BUCKEYE Donates Feed to Needy Horse

"It was three years ago today that BUCKEYE™ generously gave more than 200 bags of feed to the people and rescue organizations that helped me find homes for over 52 thoroughbreds that were destined for auction. Janice Lavrich who was a BUCKEYE™ dealer helped arrange for several of the people and rescues who took over five horses each to be the beneficiary of the free feed.

I didn't know how to thank them and neither did the people who received the help. So three years later I am still writing to tell everyone how GREAT this company is. As we all know, feeding over five horses that are newly acquired is a major expense and thanks to BUCKEYE™, they got a great start in life at their new homes. May the gods who look over our majestic animals smile today as some of those horses turned out to be champion jumpers and winning racehorses as well as just family pets. Bless you BUCKEYE™!"

Lynn Boggs, Ohio

- Lynn Boggs, OH