Hay Analysis

Feel the confidence of knowing what's in your hay.

Hay is the foundation of the equine diet. Since it's impossible to tell its exact quality from its appearance, testing hay becomes very important when developing a feeding program. Having your hay tested gives insight into its nutritional value and may uncover deficiencies and mineral imbalances that can be detrimental to your horse's health and performance.

Not only does hay testing enable you to to know the quality of your hay for you horse's well-being, it also allows our nutritionists at BUCKEYE® Nutrition to create a diet that meets the unique needs of your horse while complementing your forage. Once we know the nutrients available to your horse from the hay, we can formulate a ration that will offset your hay's deficiencies, utilizing our premium horse feeds. To see a list of services we can offer, download our hay analysis form.

Send the completed form along with your hay sample (in a quart-sized, zip-tight plastic bag) to the address below.

BUCKEYE® Nutrition
Attn: Hay Sample
P.O. Box 505
Dalton, Ohio 44618

Once you submit your form and hay sample by mail, we estimate that you will receive results within 21 business days. 

If you have questions during the testing process, or about hay testing in general, please call us at 800-417-6460.