EQ8™ Gut Health

Q:  I have a 6-year-old quarter horse mare we just started on barrels, but she seems to get stressed when we haul her to the shows. I am afraid that with the added stress and work she is doing, she may start to lose weight. I've been reading a lot about probiotics and thought about putting her on a supplement but would EQ8™ be a better solution?

A:  Yes! EQ8™ Gut Health is designed to work with your horse's digestive system to provide added prebiotic and probiotic protection against the risks of digestive upset. Also, the increased digestibility of the feed, high quality chelated minerals, and added fat and fiber will help her get the most out of her daily ration while minimizing the actual amount of grain fed per day. The reduced starch and sugar levels will definitely help with any nervousness or excitability when it comes to her performance as well.

Q:  Hi, should EQ8™ be used as a supplement or as the total feed for the horse (besides hay of course)?

A:  EQ8™ is formulated to provide all the nutrients that a horse needs when fed with an average quality hay. There may be some exceptional situations when a horse might need additional electrolytes, such as when working in hot, humid conditions.

Q:  I have a 14-year-old stud that weighs about a 1,000 pounds. He has been losing a lot of weight this last year. Our vet has examined him, run blood tests and a neurological test, and checked his feces. All test were OK. Can you suggest anything?

A:  I would look at the EQ8™ Gut Health product. It is fairly low in starch and sugar, high fat, and high fiber. It has live probiotics and prebiotics to help with digestive help and is also very palatable. If he has good quality grass hay, a product like this can safely add pounds and help the digestive tract as well.

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