Guaranteed Traceability

Everyone knows that a healthy diet includes fresh, nutrient-rich foods. At BUCKEYE Nutrition, we want your horse to benefit from the same level of care that we put into our own meal preparations. That’s why we work with only a limited number of vendors who we know and trust. Harvested from the rich Ohio soil to the fertile Canadian plains, our exclusively sourced ingredients are:

  • 100% Traceable
  • From certified suppliers
  • Compliant with our nutrient specifications
  • Adherent to stringent quality standards 

We take our traceability promise seriously.

BUCKEYE Nutrition inspects every single truckload that arrives at our plant. Prior to unloading, each ingredient is sampled, tested and checked under a microscope for potential toxins. If a product does not meet our strict quality standards, we reject the load. All so you can trust the quality and safety of every soybean, kernel of corn or scoop of premium oats that goes into your horse’s feed bucket.

Contact a BUCKEYE Nutrition dealer to find out where your horse’s feed comes from.